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Thursday, March 12, 2009

lori from ACID KING rides!

this is lori,she rides and is in ACID KING.if you haven't heard of them,i don't know what you've doing with your ears. thanx lori

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  1. lori you got a killer "bonnie",and for anyone who hasn't heard her band(must have been on pluto)should check it out because not only does she ride but could say a foundin "mama" in music scene.Your helmet reminds me of a 70's 3/4 metal flake stars and bars helmet I believe we picked up at tweakin flea market for maybe 5 bucks maybe 10 but perfect condition.Now the history that followed this helmet I'm gonna leave it up to a friend to tell the insane story that should go down in history of strange but true and incredibly funny cycle history!!!!!!!!!